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Fleur Cuisine Harborside, is a family owned and operated restaurant between husband And wife Wanddy Lafleur and Daphnee Alva-Lafleur. Fleur Cuisine is built on our passion for cooking made from scratch authentic foods with bold flavors! Our brand is true to our philosophy of never sacrificing quality for convenience. At Fleur Cuisine , we strive to build happier communities by connecting people and culture with our exceptional dishes, which features all fresh ingredients telling a story while sharing our love for food and people.


Wanddy LaFleur

Wanddy is a chef with over 20 years of culinary experience. He was introduced to the restaurant industry at the age of 12 by his father who worked as a janitor and prep cook at a local chain restaurant. One day Wanddy offered to make breakfast for the staff, and they absolutely loved it. It was on that day Wanddy knew he had a gift of making food that people enjoyed while making a positive impact. At the age of 14 he officially began working in the restaurant industry. Throughout his career, Wanddy has held almost every restaurant position there is, but his greatest sense of achievement comes from creating one of a kind dishes that make people feel good. "I take pride and ownership in the food that I serve, and my foods authenticity drives my desire to create more delicious food."


Daphnee Alva-LaFleur

Daphnee was raised in a single parent home, and her fondest memories of growing up include sitting at the table with her mom and having conversations over a hot cup of coffee. As a teenager, Daphnee's home was where her friends and family would gather to enjoy great food and hospitality. These gatherings led Daphnee to pursue and receive a degree at FIU School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. She also has a certification in event planning, and was co-owner of Lemon Chiffon Events and catering while she resided in Miami, Florida. Daphnee loves to entertain her family and friends, and loves introducing new flavors and food concepts to her guests. Daphnee has learned from some of the best restauranteurs in the industry and has participated in events like the SOBE Food Festival, Wine Dine, and Designs.

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